Product description
A dioctyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt
Product performance
1. The product is a colorless or light yellow viscous liquid.
2. Easily soluble in water, the solution is milky white, not resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, heavy metal salts and reducing agents.
3. The penetration is fast and uniform, with good wetting, penetration, emulsification and foaming properties.
4. The penetration effect is best when the temperature is below 40℃, and it is easier to hydrolyze when encountering alkali at high temperature. It is suitable to treat the fabric with a penetrating agent before heating up at a temperature below 40℃.
5. Penetrant T is not resistant to strong alkalis, so it should not be directly added to the concentrated lye. The lye should be diluted before adding the penetrating agent T.

Applicable fields

1. This product is a high-efficiency penetrant, used to treat cotton, linen, viscose and their blended products. The treated fabric is directly bleached or dyed without scouring, which can improve the dyeing defects caused by dead cotton, and the printed and dyed fabric feels softer and plump.
2. Used for dyeing raw cotton; used for pesticide wettable powder.
Usage and dosage
1. The product can be added in the original solution or after being diluted.
2. When scouring and bleaching the green body, the slurry is best to be decontaminated first to ensure the penetration effect.
3. If there is too much foam when using penetrant T, you can add a small amount of defoamer, GP or octanol, tributyl phosphate and other defoamers.
4. The specific process dosage is requested by the user to add as appropriate through the sample.

Matters needing attention

1. The product is non-toxic, non-irritating, and harmless to the human body.
2. The product is non-dangerous, non-flammable, and no explosion hazard.
3. The product is packed in polyethylene plastic bucket; stored in a ventilated and dry place.

Application Method:
1. It should be diluted to the concentration of 0.1%(based on solid content).It is better to use neutral or desalted water.
2.When making up solution, the product should be scattered evenly in the stirring water, usually the temperature is between 50-60℃.
3.The most economical dosage is based on the trial.

PAM has a wide range of applications such as water treatment, oil mining, textile,papermaking, mineral processing, medicine, agriculture and other industries.



1.Q: What are the application areas of your products?

A: They are mainly used for water treatment such as textile ,printing, dyeimg,paper-making,mining,ink,paint and so on.

2.Q: What is the general content of PAM solution?

A: Neutral water is preferred, and PAM is generally used as a 0.1% to 0.2% solution. The final solution ratio and dosage are based on laboratory tests

3.Q: How to use your PAM?

A: We suggest that when PAM is dissolved into a solution, put it into sewage for use, the effect is better than direct dosing

4.Q: We have more questions, how to contact you?

A: Welcome to contact us on alibaba,we’ll reply as soon as possible.