How to make 0.1% polyacrylamide

1.Dissolved ratio: 0.1%-0.5%, namely add 1g-5g PAM to 1000ml water 2.Dissolution medium: clean tap water or pure water 3.Dissolution time: usually need about 40 minute 4.Stirring rate: 380 rpm/min ( We use magnetic stirring apparatus for making PAM aqueous solution)

Application notice:

1.It must be fully dissolved before it can be used. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect. 2.Please use plastic, ceramic & stainless steel ect vessel, please don’t use iron vessel, it will make PAM degradation & invalidation 3.Please prepare PAM aqueous solution when you use, the PAM aqueous solution will invalidation when you don’t use for a long time.
PAM Use Effect
Polyacrylamide is widely used in different kind of wastewater treatment, bellow photo will show you the use effect that polyacrylamide treatment different wastewater.