Essential details
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.: 1327-41-9
Other Names: PAC
MF: [AL2(OH)nCl(6-n)]m m≤10,n≤5
EINECS No.: 215-477-2
Purity: 30%~31%
Type: Flocculant
Usage: Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals
Product name: Powder Polyaluminium Chloride PAC
Appearance: White & Light yellow powder, Liquid
Basicity:: 60%-80%
PH (1% aqueous solution): 3.5-5.0
Solubility in water: Complete
Healthy Certification: Yes
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Samples: Yes

MSDS 30% Water Treatment Chemical Material Polymer Use Powder Liquid Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Price Supplier

Polyaluminium Chloride Powder
Analysis Results
Aluminium oxide(Al2O3)
PH (1% aqueous solution)
Water insoluble
0.2% max
Polyaluminium Chloride Liquid
Analysis Results
Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3)
Water insoluble

1. The purified water quality is better than aluminum sulfate flocculant, and the water purification cost is 15-30% lower than that.

2. The formation of flocs is quick and the settling speed is fast, which is greater than that of traditional products such as aluminum sulfate.
3.consumption of water below the alkalinity of various inorganic flocculants, which can not vote or less alkali agent.
4. The source water PH5.0-9.0 can be condensed.
5. small corrosion, good operating conditions.
6. the solubility is better than aluminum sulfate.
7. Less salt increase in treated water is beneficial to ion exchange treatment and high purity water production.
8. The adaptability to the source water temperature is better than inorganic flocculants such as aluminum sulfate.